• Alexander Klein (Gilgamesh)

    Alexander Klein (Gilgamesh)

    slightly above-average height with black cut down to something resembling the offspring of a mohawk and a buzzcu, finding the black stripe aesthetically pleasing somehow. He wears layered, heavy clothing as well as an old bag across his back with a sword
  • Tom Sellings

    Tom Sellings

    Mind mage Crusader
  • Biliku


    Easily bored spider-maiden. Likes: amusement, silk, reliable 4g connections. Dislikes: long walks on the beach, ennui, indolence, lack of buses full of amusement.
  • Juliet Flanagan

    Juliet Flanagan

    Well, she's not Terra. We're sure of that much. She's too short and wears too much mascara.
  • Leah Devon

    Leah Devon

    A curvy woman of about five foot nine, covered in floral tattoos. Her hair is a particular shade of bright purple. She wears a blindfold, a black tank top, cutoff jeans.
  • Lin


    Former part-time wolfperson.
  • Lizzie Flanagan

    Lizzie Flanagan

    She's ten, with all the grubby knees and bike-ride scars that entails.
  • Merilee Antonescu

    Merilee Antonescu

    Traveler. Writer. Mysterious figure.
  • Ross Delgado

    Ross Delgado

    A tall man of early middle age with the wiry muscles of a construction worker and glasses that look somewhat out of place.
  • Scirevax


    A fingerpainted, bespectacled dragon-spirit. (Note: picture is an artist's rendering. License has been taken.)
  • Seven-Eyed Asana

    Seven-Eyed Asana

    That's a big goddamn spider.
  • Tupac Akuji

    Tupac Akuji

    A quiet looking man, with skin the color of dark chocolate, body is well formed but designed more for agility than over whelming power. Clothing favors the darker tones respectful of the grieving periods of the local countryside.
  • Wisp


    In a bit over his head.