The Sanctum

Required Attributes:

Juliet and Liz:

  • Quiet place for Liz to study
  • Internet or at least cell connectivity {Tom +1s this}
  • Comfortable, private sleeping space (tiny is fine)


  • A way to make boiling water for coffee?
  • Seating for everyone?


  • Workshop (For forging/metallurgy primarily, other tools wouldn’t hurt though)
  • Safe Location for Deliveries to be received.
  • Crash Space would also be awesome. (Asana Web hammocks?)


  • Physical security systems (cameras, motions detectors) that is tied to a server that is not hooked up to any internet.
  • A large central room that will allow us to all work or practice as necessary.
  • A hardline phone… just in case.
  • While it’s not strictly required, a hallow would be an excellent place to start. If I need to chip in more afterward to make sure the house is exactly what we need on top of the hallow, I am fine with this.


  • Either a place with an arboretum…or at least the space to add one later.
  • Room for a library. Maybe as part of the workshop/practice space others mentioned earlier.
  • Land, if possible? You never know what a mage needs later, but space to expand or not worry about collateral damage is always nice.


  • A firing range/dojo, with attached armory for stockpiling weapons and survival goods.
  • A designated, magically sealed chamber for summoning and ritual work.
  • Security room that is magically and mundanely protected against intrusion, to keep people or things safe.
  • A vault that instead keeps things from getting out, for both study and things that need to be locked away that can’t be destroyed.

(Also, she’s fairly adept at Matter. So are Akuji and Ross. If looking for something that needs a little more elbow grease and fixing makes any of this easier, she would offer that…if others are interested and agree.)

The Sanctum

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