Moon's Eye Mirror

Too Much Lurking is Not Healthy
I knew he'd get it wrong, but I just played along

The two groups meet up and discuss the nature of the House, with help from Ross and then from newcomer Tom. The sudden exit of their online companions sends them on a quick retreat. All they find is a broken door and some ominous bloody smears…

Just an Earthquake...
Oh and by the way, when the landlord came today, he measured everything.

Akuji’s thread led him to a bound, pajama’ed stranger. The two made their way back to the great room to find the stairwell in rubble.

Gil and Terra use a spell on their headset so that Ross can help them talk with the Minotaur.

Paean to Ariadne
As far as I can see you are still miles from me in your doorway.

After a bit of misunderstanding and Terra exchanging most of her clothes for bearhood, our heroes realize that their monster is trying to remove them from harm’s way.

Meanwhile, Akuji has stumbled on a blue thread.

No, that's the sub-sub-sub-basement.
I live at the end of a five and a half minute hallway.

Our Heroes pass through the mysterious door and down the giant staircase. After an earthquake, a door opens to lead them into a labyrinth, where they follow a red thread to a minotaur.

Yep, they went in the basement.

Our Heroes venture into the basement, where there’s a laundry area, an ancient couch, a mysterious door, and a particularly ugly chunk of carpet. Oh, and a lightbulb.

Upstairs Is Where the Evil Strings Are
Actually, the attic is where I store my menacing void.

The mages continue their exploration of the second story, poking a hole in the closet wall and revealing a clear oozing substance that appears to be the source of the smell. An attempted trip into the attic was abandoned after the discovery of some sort of active nothingness through the attic hatch, and the group decided to try their luck with the basement after Gil cut Terra free of a strange filament.

Through the Door
Smoked glass IS pretty horrifying.

Our Heroes enter the House, facing down 70s decor, delicious and icky smells, a magically appearing second story, and four creatures that may not be rats. Also, a coat rack. There’s banging belowground, screaming above, and something breathing RIGHT THE FUCK THERE.

Absurdist Comedy with Spider
Seriously, I didn't predict the direction of this one.

After determining that the thieves were only likely to return once they had left, the group decided to take Asana to dinner. Hilarity ensued.

Suddenly, Alligators
Well, the bus wasn't technically being attacked...

Biliku led the mages back to the bus, exhausting her magic for now by speeding their travel. Once there, they found a number of spiders defending the bus from an enormous albino alligator — often over the protestation of the bus’ occupants. Once the repairman is ensconced in the bus, the mages join the spiders in defeating the alligator. Terra provides a great deal of healing to wounded spiders in the course of the fight; one of them — Seven-Eyed Asana — decides to remain with the mages instead of returning to the woods with her mother.

Laying the Dead to Rest
Hard to be mean to ghost kids.

After the appearance of Uncle Arthur, our heroes hide with varying degrees of skill. Once he’s realized that there are interlopers in his house, he elects to try and scare them with threats shouted and displayed, putting his more-human fist through the wall. Akuji takes advantage of this, pinning his arm with a dagger between its bones, and he and Gil run around to threaten him. He proves to be far from human; instead, it seems, he’s sworn himself to the Beasts Above, and their maddening obscenity is carved into his flesh. When he proves uncooperative Ajuki jams a knife in one gill-slit and a hand in the other, and Gil kills him in an attempt to pin him to the wall. Something bursts on Akuji’s skin, burning his hand. Biliku takes umbrage at this, using her own poison to clean away Arthur’s and weaving a bandage. With the bad put down, they turn back to the children. Akuji promises to look after their mother as they fade away. Gil does some investigating and they believe they track her down in Lake City.


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