Moon's Eye Mirror

Of course it couldn't be that easy.
Where even the gods know cell phones need charge

Of course, Biliku the spider goddess didn’t let things go QUITE so easily. She demanded a way to charge her new toy so it would continue working. When Gil didn’t have any ideas, she suggested a house out in the woods that might be able to be electrified again. After some consternation and Biliku rescuing herself from an attacker via a swarm of tiny spiders, they find their way there and Gil gets things working once more. But the old house isn’t all they find there — Akuji stumbles on a pair of ghostly children hidden away in the closet, and promises to keep their uncle Arthur from hurting them again.

Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?
So many legs!

The bus is surrounded by strangeness while our heroes wait for the repairman to arrive. Once he does, he’s hustled into the bus with the rest of the passengers so the menace can be taken care of. And it is, in spectacular fashion! Four spiders that dwarf German shepherds fell to fire, shadow and explosion at the hands of the mages, but before they could be properly celebrated by the rescued passengers Gil heard a rustling in the kudzu. Upon investigating, he found a world-weary spider goddess with a famous name, and bought the freedom of his bus for the cost of a cell phone…

And then, the bus broke down.
Mechanical malfunction or SINISTER PLOT?

The current cast met one another. Crisis struck as the bus they were taking back to Haven City broke down, a problem attributed to a faulty axle. This would be only somewhat alarming, save that night is coming, and with it a rustling in the woods…


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