Moon's Eye Mirror

Laying the Dead to Rest

Hard to be mean to ghost kids.

After the appearance of Uncle Arthur, our heroes hide with varying degrees of skill. Once he’s realized that there are interlopers in his house, he elects to try and scare them with threats shouted and displayed, putting his more-human fist through the wall. Akuji takes advantage of this, pinning his arm with a dagger between its bones, and he and Gil run around to threaten him. He proves to be far from human; instead, it seems, he’s sworn himself to the Beasts Above, and their maddening obscenity is carved into his flesh. When he proves uncooperative Ajuki jams a knife in one gill-slit and a hand in the other, and Gil kills him in an attempt to pin him to the wall. Something bursts on Akuji’s skin, burning his hand. Biliku takes umbrage at this, using her own poison to clean away Arthur’s and weaving a bandage. With the bad put down, they turn back to the children. Akuji promises to look after their mother as they fade away. Gil does some investigating and they believe they track her down in Lake City.



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